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Press Release Details Takes a Further Step in Its Development Focusing on the Hydrogen Sector With Hopium

Oct 11, 2023
  • Signature of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Atlas Special Opportunities regarding Hopium
  • Allocating up to $15 million in the form of a shareholder loan for investment in Hopium, a European hydrogen fuel cell engineering company, if definitive documents are signed.
  • Potentially Controlling Stake in Hopium Through Convertible Bond Purchase

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 11, 2023-- (NASDAQ: MCOM) a frontrunner in sustainable urban transportation and micro-mobility solutions, is making strides towards a greener future by signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Atlas Special Opportunities regarding Hopium (ALHPI.PA). is negotiating with Atlas Special Opportunities a deal whereby Micromobility could become an important and long-term shareholder of Hopium. By the terms of this letter,’s investment will accelerate Hopium’s R&D and growth.

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Hopium will gain access to the worldwide micromobility market expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.5% between 2023 and 2028, reaching a value of around USD 109.9 bn by 2028 from approximately USD 43.8 bn in 2022. is considering the purchase of Hopium Convertible Bonds from Atlas Special Opportunities for an amount of approximately USD 3m to become a long-term shareholder in Hopium.

This LOI signifies's commitment and interest in integrating cutting-edge technology into the micro-mobility industry.

A Trailblazing Collaboration's strategic partnership with Hopium would mark a groundbreaking chapter in micro-mobility innovation. Hopium, a vanguard in hydrogen fuel cell engineering, is renowned for its expertise and innovative prowess. Leveraging the potential of hydrogen fuel cells, Hopium stands at the forefront of sustainable energy production, particularly in designing compact, high-performance fuel cells tailored for the micro-mobility sector.

Hydrogen's Role in Mobility

Hydrogen's role in mobility is no longer a future forecast; it's today's headline. As a cornerstone of the energy metamorphosis, hydrogen is heralded as a clean, adaptive energy substitute, rising as a formidable contender to fossil fuels. Its compatibility with renewable energy sources further amplifies its significance in a green-driven economy. With soaring investments and recent technological leaps, hydrogen is rapidly solidifying its position in the mobility sector.

Hopium’s Vision: Hydrogen - The New Horizon

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Sylvain LAURENT, Hopium has set its sights on a pioneering vision for hydrogen. The company is committed to achieving TRL 6 certification by April 2024, a pivotal step toward expediting the industrialization and sales of its patented hydrogen technology.

Strategic Shift for Enhanced Efficiency

Since Sylvain LAURENT took over as CEO of Hopium in early 2023, the company has strategically realigned its industrial focus. This shift aims to prioritize development efforts on fuel cell technology and has resulted in a governance restructuring designed to optimize costs.

Hydrogen's Potential Unleashed in Micro-Mobility

The micro-mobility sector, spanning electric scooters, bikes, and more, is experiencing rapid expansion. With the non-binding LOI inked on October 11, 2023, has indicated that it is seriously considering adopting hydrogen technology within micro-mobility solutions. This strategic move aims to reduce carbon footprints, foster innovation, and provide eco-friendly micro-mobility alternatives to urban communities worldwide.

‘I believe hydrogen reduces everyone’s reliance on imported fossil fuels, leading to reduced trade deficits for some countries and enhanced energy independence. Also, Hydrogen fuel cells have a far greater energy storage density than lithium. That’s why it makes sense to invest in Hopium.’ (Salvatore Palella, CEO

Elevating Sustainable Practices

This potential partnership underscores's steadfast commitment to sustainability and curbing carbon emissions. With a successful closing, the company hopes to utilize the Hopium technology, which could fast track the development and global adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.

Charting the Future of Micro-Mobility

This non-binding LOI could lead to a momentous leap forward in defining the future of micro-mobility. Both entities are devoted to fueling innovation, enhancing eco-conscious transportation choices, and securing a brighter and more sustainable urban mobility landscape.

Confidentiality and Forward Momentum

As negotiations advance, both parties are engaging in constructive discussions. This commitment to mutual cooperation sets the stage for a fruitful partnership.'s collaboration with Hopium holds the potential to leave an indelible mark on the micro-mobility sector by propelling hydrogen technology to the forefront of sustainable transportation solutions.

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